Cosmetic dentistry has come to mean different things to different men and women. A huge reason for this is because there are so many processes performed in and from the dentist’s office that have been put into this class.

Of course, all cosmetic dentistry procedures must be carefully planned with anticipated outcomes clearly discussed however, it can be a procedure as relatively straightforward as reshaping a few teeth.

The previous few years, one of the most requested “cosmetic dentistry” procedures is tooth whitening. It’s literally taken America by storm. Tooth whitening can be approached in a number of different ways. It only depends on your budget and what sort of results you would like.

The most cost effective method is purchasing over-the-counter products, which will generally create “acceptable” results to systems using trays made from impressions of your teeth. The trays are made at a dentist’s office and are used with among several whitening (bleaching) agents. For those who want a one-shot strategy, in addition, there are a few different in-office systems that normally use an extremely bright light to improve the speed and efficacy after whitening.

Something to keep in mind is that if you are someone with dark colored or overly grey teeth whitening might not be as effective as you would have expected. In addition, if you’ve experienced a high number of fillings, crowns or other dental procedures of this sort on your teeth then bleaching may not be the right choice for you either.

Colored resin which matches the colour of the teeth is a material that can frequently be bonded to areas of the front teeth. This resin may be shaped and sculpted to fix fractures of the front teeth, close spaces and reshape teeth. There are a number of advantages to this procedure. To begin with, it can typically be done in one trip. Two, it’s conservative. Three, it may look very nice and four, it is less costly than several other alternatives. A couple of disadvantages would incorporate the life expectancy of this process is somewhat restricted (usually five to seven years). Plus, staining and discoloration happens over time, potency is a lot less than with porcelain and resin bonding has aesthetic limitations depending on the size of this case.

Under the management of a skilled dentist and personnel (like ceramist) ceramic veneers can produce incredibly beautiful and natural smiles. The advantages are unsurpassed beauty, longevity and durability. On the flip side, two disadvantages are cost (may be quite expensive) and that some minimum tooth structure has to be removed.

Of course, among the most significant elements for you will be to locate a dentist that has the skill, experience and aesthetic eye to give you a gorgeous smile.

A fantastic smile is an under-appreciated strength. First impressions are important in all aspects of live (personal and company) and one of the first things people see and judge when they meet someone are their eyes and smile.

Studies by the Australian Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) have proven that individuals with appealing smiles get better jobs, are held in higher esteem, normally make a much better impression and in several instances make more money. But another less obvious advantage is the increase in respect and confidence which has a smile you can be pleased with.

It is such a freeing experience for a person who hides their grin to start grinning big and confidently.